Berkshire County Antique Map Print

BCM-6 Berk County 1904.jpg
BCM-6 Berk County 1904.jpg

Berkshire County Antique Map Print

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Berkshire County Antique Map 1904 Framed  Who's not drawn to an antique map? Wonderful giclee print of vintage Berkshire county maps, printed by giclee on heavy paper, the vibrant rich colors will never fade. Framed in vintage matte period black wood frame with glass (small size) or acrylic (med and large). What a statement piece on the largest size! Unique wall art printed and framed in USA by Museum Outlets.

Berkshire County Antique Map Framed

Unframed              Framed    (sizes approx)

sm      18x34               20x36

med    22x43            25x46

lg         35x64               38x67


Glazing  Acrylic            Frame vintage dark wood burl frame

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